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Structure of the University


Rector of ASUHP
Victor S. Bavykin  

 Vice-rector in Academic work
Valentina A. Degtyarenko 
Vice-rector in International Affairs
Andrey P. Koshkin
Vice-rector in Scientific work
Alexander V. Gotnoga
Advisor under the university administration
Alexander A. Shumeyko


The faculty of informational technologies, mathematics and physics

a)The department of informational systems, computer technologies and physics

b) The department of mathematics

The faculty of history and law

a) The department of history and law

b) The department of philosophy and socio-political disciplines

The faculty of nature and geography

a) The department of life safety, biology and chemistry

b) The department of geography

The faculty of technologies, economy and design

a) The department of economics

b) The department of theory and methodology of technology education

The faculty of philology and cross-cultural communication

a) The department of Russian language and literature

b) The department of Russian language as foreign language

c) The department of the first foreign language and translation studies

d) The department of the second foreign language and Chinese studies

The institute of pedagogy and psychology

a) The department of education psychology

b) The department of correctional pedagogy and psychology

c) The department of pedagogy of professional education

d) The department of theory and methodology of preschool education

e) The department of theory and methodology of physical education and sport

f) The department of physical education and sport

g) The department of foreign languages

The institute of distant education and additional training

a)The department of distance learning

b) The department of distant education

c)The department of personnel retraining and additional training
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