Asia: Community of Cultures - 2020

Participant: 王永清
Supervisor: 李艳花

1. Roads in book mountain

Participant: 何子凡
Supervisor: 李坤鹏

2. The state of etiquette,tea guests

Participant: 尚慧怡
Supervisor: 李坤鹏

3. Have a surpius year after year

Participant: 杨赛男
Supervisor: 柴方美

4. Ink painting Shaoxing

Participant: 杨赛男
Supervisor: 柴方美

5. Ink painting Shaoxing

Participant: 民族装饰艺术
Supervisor: 民族装饰艺术

6. The five aspects of exorcism

Participant: 宋育炜
Supervisor: 讲师

7. North Korea amorous feelings

Participant: 齐悦廷
Supervisor: 丛智超

8. East Asian women's traditional dress

Participant: 刘昕
Supervisor: 李世明

9. Drift

Participant: Zamaraeva Tatyana,
Supervisor: Loktionova O.V.

10. Promotional booklet of the collection of men's clothing from handmade felt "Reserve Guards"