The Fifth International Virtual Art Exhibition for students «Asia: Community of Cultures»

We’d like to invite the students of your university to take part in the 5th International Virtual Art Exhibition for students «Asia: Community of Cultures» (10th, November 2018 – 15th, December 2018)

Topics of Exhibition:

· Asia: the history and modern world

· Culture, traditions and customs of the Eastern Asia nations

· City image

· The nature of the Homeland

· Family fate depends on country fate. Family values

Programs of the Exhibition:

1. «Painting» («Academic painting», «Decorative painting», «Digital painting».)

2. «Drawing» («Academic drawing», «Asian Traditional drawing », «Decorating drawing».)

3. «National decorative-applied art»

4. «Visual communication» («Ad poster», «Visual sign».)

Appraisal criteria of art works:

- quality of work;

- originality and imagery of the author idea;

- adequacy of work claimed technique;

- conformity to the subject of the exhibition

The exhibition is carried out on-line, URL: The participants are the students of The Eastern Asia.

The participants are to send the documents set by e-mail: The deadline is November, 1, 2018.

The requirements to execution of documents for participation

The documents set is to be sent by an individual letter for every single work.

The documents set must contain:

1. Photo or scanned copy of work. It must correspond to the following requirements:

*pictures must be qualitative, detailed, without technical faults (fuzziness, noise, insufficient or superfluous illumination, colour distortion);

*Picture size is no less than 2000 pixels on the wide side;

*Aspect ratio – JPG

2. Catalogue information data

*The title of the work in original language

*the title of the work in English language

*Author’s name in original language

* Author’s name in English language


*College, city, country in English language

*The teacher’s name, position, regalia in original language

* The teacher’s name in English language

3. Author’s photo

4. Teacher’s photo

Attention, participants! The letter size must not exceed 15 MB!