Общая информация

Participant: 李颖
Supervisor: 刘寅凯

7. Review troops

Participant: 隋欣
Supervisor: 刘寅凯

8. Night sky

Participant: 邱梅
Supervisor: 刘寅凯

9. Joyous Childhood

Participant: 车畅
Supervisor: 刘寅凯

10. Spring

Participant: 李晗月
Supervisor: 郭健含

15. Small bridge, flowing water and household(A sentence in ancient Chinese Poetry)

Participant: 万江龙
Supervisor: 李坤鹏

16. Rainbow Bridge

Participant: 周幸敏
Supervisor: 柴方美 讲师

17. Yungang one scene

Participant: 张强
Supervisor: 李坤鹏

18. Sketches of hui school

Participant: 薛智轩
Supervisor: 刘寅凯

11. Winter

Participant: 姜宇轩
Supervisor: 刘寅凯

12. Dao garden

Participant: 张茜涵
Supervisor: 柴方美、讲师

13. Remain true to our original aspiration

Participant: 杨行
Supervisor: 李坤鹏

2. The real life portrait

Participant: Borovikova Tatiana
Supervisor: Fedorovskaya Natalia

4. A peasant woman of Tver Province of the beginning of the XIX century

Participant: Yarenkova Ekaterina
Supervisor: Vertepnyy Vladimir

19. The way to home

Participant: Blinnikova Ekaterina
Supervisor: Fedorovskaya Natalya

3. Still life (tone. Boom., Mascara, white)