Extramural training

The Institute of extramural training performs training of specialists using traditional and distance-type technologies under the full and short-formed educational schemes. Extramural form of education provides lectures, seminars, laboratory-based work and consultations with the specified degree of students’ self-guided work.

The student, who is learning under the scheme of extramural training, is more independent in his academic activity. Mastering most of the subjects independently, he or she attends Amur University of Pedagogy and Humanities once or twice a year for consulting and passing exams.

The department of distance teaching is a structural subdivision of the Institute of extramural training.

Distance teaching provides students with extramural communication with teachers using the internet and telephone networks, the opportunity to use the electronic library of Amur University of Pedagogy and Humanities. Every student of such a form of education is provided with special courseware on an electronic or paper medium.

The undeniable advantage of distance teaching is that students themselves fix the time, intensity and duration of lessons.

Extramural training is performed by the university covering all the licensed specialties apart from physico-mathematical and foreign languages specialties. Distance teaching is available for the following specialties: “Preschool Pedagogy and Psychology”, “Technology and Business Activity”, “National Economy”, “Special Pedagogy”, “Pedagogy and Psychology”, “Jurisprudence”, “Pedagogy and Methods of Elementary education”.

The academic activity in the Institute of extramural training is performed by highly qualified teachers, doctors and candidates of Science, leading specialists of different organizations and enterprises of our town are appealed to consulting and reviewing of graduation thesis, which determines a high applicability of qualification works of extramural diploma students. The Institute of extramural training gives students a unique opportunity to go into higher education being trained on job and place of residence, to apply obtained knowledge in their work activity immediately.

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