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Leading specialist of Foreign Affairs Department
Kseniia E. Filimonova

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E-mail: inter@amgpgu.ru
Specialist of Foreign Affairs Department
Elena I. Arkhipenko

Tel: +7 (4217) 24-42-55 
E-mail: inter@amgpgu.ru

Directions of activities and major concerns

Directions of activities

  • propaganda of university’s achievements and opportunities in educational, scientific and innovation activities
  • establishment, strengthening and developing of partnership links with international universities, international funds and organizations
  • development of organization structure, material and technical conditions for realizing educational and scientific process for foreign students, post-graduates and teachers
  • rendering of informative and consultative services, passport and visa support for the students and professors of ASUHP, the foreign students and professors arriving to ASUHP according to an official invitation
  • carrying out of admission procedure for foreign students and interns on university international programs (“Russian as a foreign language”)
  • gathering and distributing of information on international scholarship programs, fellowships and internships

Directions of activities and major concerns

  • providing participation of university students and higher-education teaching personnel in international programs, intergovernmental contracts, agreements and others international events, focused on development of integration processes in educational and scientific spheres
  • establishment of direct partnership links with international universities, international funds and organizations for supporting programs of stimulating academic exchange, student and higher-education teaching personnel mobility
  • involvement of leading international specialists, teachers and professors in lecturing and teaching in ASUHP
  • participation in international academic programs and project (Fulbright, DAAD, NSFC, etc.) through different funds and international organizations
  • expanding scientific research carried out together with international universities and through international programs and fellowships

Directions of activities and major concerns

In recent years the forms of the international activities of the University have broadened. They include the carrying out of scientific research work with the foreign institutes of higher education, exchanging of scientific and pedagogical technologies, holding international scientific conferences and seminars, joint publishing of the monographs and scientific articles, implementation of the foreign study courses for the university teachers, foreign exchange of the teachers, postgraduates, masters and students, teaching foreign students and postgraduates, holding the field practice, cooperation with the foreign institutes of higher education in the cultural and sporting spheres.

Over a period of several years the University has been keeping friendly relations with the colleagues from the People’s Republic of China,  Korea, Japan and other countries. Among the honorary professors of the University there is the former consul general of Japan in Khabarovsk and the present consul of Japan in Uzbekistan mister Kusumoto, President of Harbin Pedagogical University (China) Zhang Shaojie. 

 Today the University cooperates with 31 partnering organizations in 10 countries. The University is carrying out 26 international projects in the sphere of education. The foreign partners of the University are universities of China, Korea, Japan. The University collaborates with  Consulate General of Japan and China in Khabarovsk, the Consulate General of Korea in Vladivostok, the Embassy of France in the Russian Federation, taking part in the organization and realization of the joint cultural educational and scientific programs.

There is a French Resource Centre at the University. It was opened together with the Embassy of France in the Russian Federation. 

In 2010 on the basis of Amur State University of Humanities and Pedagogy with assistance of Harbin Normal University (China) the Educational centre “Confucius institute” was opened. The main activities of this centre are Chinese language teaching, master classes and seminars for Chinese language teachers, competitions for Chinese language learners. And also on the basis of “Confucius institute” are carried out the Chinese language  proficiency exams “HSK” and  “HSKK”.

Students of different faculties take part in the historical, museum and country research expeditions and field practice, have language practice at the foreign universities. They have the opportunity of both short term and long term studying at the foreign university. The University carries out the programs of international exchange (free of charge). The foreign students, masters, postgraduates, trainees are educated at the University studying the short-term courses as well as the full academic course (4 years) with getting the bachelor’s degree.

Every year the graduates of the Foreign Languages Department enter the foreign universities to continue their education magistracy and postgraduate courses.

The exchange of the scientists is held in all the subjects offered by the University.

 International partners


Osaka Sangyo University (Osaka)

Ube National College of Technology (Ube)

“Japan Eurasia Society” Niigata Office (Niigata)

Consulate-General of Japan in Khabarovsk

Waseda university

Republic of Korea

Kookmin University (Seoul)

Bucheon University (Bucheon)

SeoKyeong University


The Embassy of France in Russia

People’s Republic of China

Qiqihar University (Qiqihar)

Daqing Normal University (Daqing)

Heihe University (Heihe)

Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology (Harbin)

Harbin Norman University (Harbin)

Heilongjiang University (Harbin)

Jiamusi University (Jiamusi)

Jilin Institute of Russian Language (Changchun)

Harbin University (Harbin)

Jilin Normal University (Siping )

Suihua University (Suihua)

Jilin Huaqiao University of Foreign Languages (ChangChun)

ChangChun University (ChangChun)

Asia University (Taiwan)

Heilongjiang International University (Harbin)

Boda Institute of Jilin Normal University (Siping)

Mudanjiang Normal University (Mudanjiang)

Jilin Huaqiao Foreign Languages Institute (Changchun)

Heilongjiang Eastern University (Harbin)

and others

Scholarship programs, education and internships

1. Internship programs in Japan (www.embjapan.ru)

2. Scholarship programs in People’s Republic of China

3. Scholarship programs in Republic of Korea (Seoul)
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