Science and Innovations

The result of the whole previous development of ASUHP (Amur State University of Humanities and Pedagogy) is the creation of a powerful educational, research and cultural potential that allows to solve amplitudinous scientific and educational problems which correspond to the mission of the university.

The strategic goal of the university today is the ultimate employment of this potential in educational process, development of fundamental scientific researches in foreground scientific trends and meeting the interests of the Far-Eastern region in applied researches.

Among the most important directions of research work in ASUHP are surveys of the topical problems of the Russian society at the present stage, historic and social economic problems of development of the Far-East, elaboration of the problems of creation of pedagogical conditions for the development of children’s giftedness, modernization of education in conditions of profiling of the schools of Khabarovsky region, preventive measures against alcohol and drug addiction among children and adolescents, introduction of information and communication technologies in the system of continuous education. The scholars of ASUHP study language and speech anomalies, literature of the Far-East and the works of Russians living abroad in the national cultural process of the 20th century, problems of anthropogenic influence on the flora and fauna of the Lower Amur, landscape and ecology estimation of a geographic background, etc.

There are specialized research laboratories in ASUHP. Among them is the “Laboratory of the Strategic Planning of Regional Development” established together with the Institute of economic researches of the Far-Eastern Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences; the regional scientific-applicative “Laboratory of the Project Methods of Technologic Education”; the regional research “Laboratory of the New Forms of Preschool Education”; laboratories of geoinformation technologies, of diagnostics of morphofunctional state and health of a man, of psychological support and safety of children and adolescents, of development of children of an early, preschool and junior school age, of biodiversity of the Amur area, the interdepartmental laboratory of sociologic researches and etc.

In recent years the university has acquired scientific-educational centres, such as the French Resource Centre, the representation office of the Jiamusi University (People’s Republic of China), the scientific innovations centre of modernization of the regional educational system, the centre of psychological support, the resource centre of the innovation activity development.

Training of highly qualified specialists in science and pedagogics is carried out through post-graduate studentship within the framework of eight scientific branches in 16 specialities:

  • biologic sciences
  • technical sciences
  • historical sciences
  • philosophical sciences
  • philological sciences
  • pedagogical sciences
  • psychological sciences
  • geosciences

Several dozens of scientific conferences, seminars, exhibitions and other scientific arrangements are held in ASUHP every year. The university organizes scientific conferences and forums of regional and international significance, including internet conferences with the usage of space bridge technologies.

Scientific projects of the university scholars more than once won diplomas and medals on All-Russian and international exhibitions in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Khabarovsk, etc.

Publishing activity is also developing in the university. The organization of the students’ research work, the extension and perfection of the scientific training of young specialists are among the invariable priorities of the university activity.

The main indicators of the effectiveness of this work are high scientific achievements of our students noted on the federal and international levels.

The adoption of new information and computer technologies in the system of continuing education became one of the priority directions of the development of the University. Oleg S. Amosov, Doctor of Engineering Science, professor, has headed the organization of the work in this direction since 2006. Under his direction the specialists of the University have created the integrated informational and communicative space. The united corporative telecommunicational net of the university has been formed, the modern server centre has been set in operation, modern structured cable systems using the optical fibrous communication lines and wireless technologies have been introduced, the rooms are equipped with the interactive boards, the Internet-caf? has been arranged in the students’ hostel, the computer equipment of the university is constantly renewed, the electronic reading room with the access to the funds of RGB(Moscow) is opened The teachers master and use the innovative informational technologies in the process of teaching. The University has gained the experience of holding the internet-conferences of regional and international importance.

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